Are you...

  • Scared to grow your business because you're already at capacity and you're worried you won't be able to keep up?
  • Tired of having a To-Do list that never ends?
  • Struggling with constant messages and questions from your team that interrupt your day and break your focus?
  • Spending every moment juggling the day-to-day running of the business and wondering how you'll find time to get new clients and create new products or services?
  • Not at your best with your clients or your team?
  • Fed up of being the one who has to take care of ALL areas of your business?

Do you want to...

  • Build a team and/or scale your business?
  • Serve your clients more deeply and get back to the work you love?
  • Take control of your time and schedule?
  • Focus on your Big Why and your Zone of Genius (not the minutiae of running a business)?
  • Lead a business that is growing and makes you money?
  • Let someone else take care of your business, organize your ideas, and replace the crazy glue and string that holds your business together with systems and processes that run with the precision and reliability of a Swiss watch?

You’ve got the ideas, you know the goal, but when it comes to the people, processes and systems you need, you just don’t know where to start.

...that's why you need an online business manager to take the strain and help your business thrive

What I do


One of the biggest challenges of growing a business is managing your team. 

Let me help you reduce how much time you spend on calls, in meetings, or responding to emails and messages by streamlining communication;  build your company culture to keep everyone engaged and motivated; and standardize and automate your hiring and onboarding processes.


You know that the critical next step in your business is launching your new product, setting up your membership portal, updating your website, or whatever. But that critical new project is taking up a lot more time than you thought it would, and the costs are skyrocketing. 

Whether you're just thinking about next steps, putting together your plan, or you're already halfway through your project, let me help you keep things on track, watch the budget, and hit your deadlines so you meet your goals.


The key to any thriving business is putting in place systems and processes to ensure everything runs smoothly even when you're not around. That's what will finally free you up to focus on what matters to you and what you love doing - your Zone of Genius. 

Let me create a business for you that runs like clockwork. I'll document key processes and train your team so everyone knows exactly what has to happen, who has to do it, and how. We'll also put in place monitoring and reporting systems so you know everything is working just as it should.

Which of these packages is right for you and your business?

Need a sounding board for your ideas? I'm here to help you review, discuss, and create a roadmap to make them happen.

Whether you're planning a short project or looking for a long-term strategic partner, I have packages to support you.

Let's sit down together and work full-steam ahead on one critical deliverable or review how your business is working.

Let's work together to take your goals and business to the next level


We'll kick off our partnership with a 90-minute Strategy Session to discuss your goals and create a Roadmap for Success


After your Strategy Call, I'll present options for how we can work together in the way that's right for you and your business


After onboarding, you'll get regular updates and progress reports throughout our contract to keep the project on time.