A Few Nice Things People Have Said...

Working with Sarah has been truly inspiring. For an agency, onboarding a business manager can take a very long time. Between teaching everything there is to know about the business and trying to run it at the same time, things can drag on for months. This was definitely NOT the case with Sarah.


Sarah immediately embedded herself in the team, learned everything she needed to get started, led new initiatives, proposed new and optimized ways to automate complex procedures, provided solutions to challenges and was brilliant at communicating everything she was doing at all times. 

I highly recommend hiring Sarah. She is very reliable and a great addition to any team.


Talia Wolf, Founder and Chief Optimizer, GetUplift

If you're great at what you do - and want someone to help you level up your processes so they're as good as your client work - Sarah is that person. As our team grew, we needed someone to help us capture the 'invisible' processes so that everyone could get to the same page faster. This may sound simple - but doing it in a fast-paced agency setting, where every client is unique, is anything but.

Sarah was able to capture things expertly - she understood the intricacies of what we did fast, and helped keep us on track too. Now we have better tools and stronger processes - and Sarah helped make that possible.  

Sophia Dagnon, Head of Customer Insights & Copy, GetUplift

Sarah has been instrumental in planning and executing all the details needed for my week-long virtual summit. Her natural skillset to provide research-informed suggestions to ensure we had an incredible attendee experience was instrumental in the overall success of the event. Sarah also cared deeply about the metrics and analytics following the event to ensure that our next initiative would surpass our success from the first. I would recommend Sarah to anyone needing a truly reliable and talented launch manager.  

Alanna Thomas, CEO & Founder, Alanna Thomas OBM

I hired Sarah for a very high-pressure, quick turnaround project. She came to me with such great enthusiasm for the role and the task and for doing it right. That’s something I really appreciated because with a quick turnaround, high-stress role you always have lots of anxiety.  Sarah asked great questions and she was able to show me that not only was she great at doing the job and she had the knowledge and skills required, but also she could pick up on all the little details needed. 

Sarah was both reliable and great at communication. She’s also organized and professional, and it gave me great confidence that while I was away on maternity leave she could fill in and be ‘me’ without any issues. She was great from the start and I really appreciated Sarah. She was such a wonderful, delightful soul to work with, and so in the end I looked really great to my clients, and I look forward to working with Sarah again. 

Jeanne Stribling, Founder and Owner, A Wish For More Wishes

I highly recommend Sarah to other business owners. I was very pleased with the services she provided. She is quick to respond to communication, well-organized, as well as very well-spoken.

The content provided by Sarah has helped draw in new customers and established my business's credibility in the market. Sarah is driven and knowledgeable, ensuring high-quality content that matches the intricacies of my industry.

David Rauschendorfer, President and CEO, Cyber Security Resource

Thank you, Sarah, for helping guide me gently back to seeing what is important in myself and my work. You provided me with structured sessions which helped to draw out the most important things to focus upon. This has given me the foundations to work from in moving my business successfully forward. Your honest and friendly approach, coupled with your balanced view was very appreciated giving me the feeling of being supported on my journey of positive transformation.

Sarah E Haywood,  Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Inspirational Teacher, Relationship Mentor

Good Communication and having everyone work together harmoniously is very important to me. Sarah has been instrumental in bringing the board team and community together and improving communication within the team and with our stakeholders. She has driven the introduction of an online platform to improve efficiency and transparency in our dealings with the management company and residents. She is incredibly hardworking and dedicated to improving the spirit and culture for residents and within the board to amazing effect. She does truly transformative work.

Rob Dalgleish, Experienced Ministry Innovation Executive (UCC), Visionary Entrepreneur, and Organizational Adaptation Consultant

I have worked with Sarah since 2020. As a business owner myself I appreciate the leadership qualities and entrepreneurial mindset she brings to everything she does. Sarah is proactive and decisive and has introduced many systems and processes to improve the running of the corporation. She is always looking for ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs and make things more efficient.  Everything she does is looked at from the broader strategic viewpoint and the practical details.

Luis Andocilla, Business Owner

Sarah is proactive, focused, and collaborative with strong interpersonal skills and has been able to pull together the many different personalities into a working team. Her ability to consider the big picture, whilst not overlooking the detail made her a popular choice among her peers when it came time to choose a new board President. She has spearheaded putting in place new systems and processes to improve communication and the running of the site.

J. J. Foulds, Director of Condominium Management, Wilson Blanchard