All the expertise, no long-term commitment

I get it. It's tough, when you're a busy business owner, balancing all the demands and draws on your time, and trying to keep up with "all the things" (especially when everything seems to be changing every day!).

That's when it would be great to partner with someone who knows what they're doing and can jump in and help you get unstuck.

My one-day OBM experiences are designed to create a "quick hit" transformation in your business by focusing your attention and mine on a single aspect of your business in an intensive session, whether you're planning a launch, setting up a  virtual event,  getting your business streamlined, or whatever.

This is for you if...

  • You're struggling to get past your blocks or hurdles.
  • You want to launch your own product, program, or course but you don't feel ready.
  • You need to bring on a new team member, but you don't have time to figure it all out.
  • There are just too many moving parts, and you haven't figured them all out yet.


Team-Growth Power Day

If you're serious about expanding your business, whether you're finally ready to break out from being a solopreneur by hiring your first staff member, or you've got a small team and you need to add to it, this is for you.

Hiring people can be one of the scariest jobs for an entrepreneur. And trying to hire a whole team while you're busy running your business can be exhausting.

And it's a real Catch-22: you need to hire someone because you're busy and you need help, but you're too busy to take time off to find the right person, interview them, bring them into the business,  teach them what they need to do...

But here's the thing.

It's impossible for you to step up into the CEO role in your business if you're also your own bookkeeper, marketer, appointment setter, salesperson, admin assistant, and Chief Coffee Maker. And trying to do every role will keep your business small and prevent you from building it into the business you've always dreamed of.

The Team-Growing Power Day is great for you if:

  • You're an over-scheduled entrepreneur and you desperately need help but don't know how or where to get that help.
  • You're so bogged down in the minutiae of running your business day-by-day (and hour-by-hour!) that you've lost track of your Big Why.
  • You've tried to hire people in the past but either you couldn't find the right person, or you hired people who just didn't fit in and mesh with you.
  • You're ready to take stuff off your plate that isn't in your Zone of Genius, so you can focus your time and energy on the work and the customers you love.

You'll get my undivided attention as we get crystal clear on your team structure, identify the gaps and map out your hiring priorities, specify what your role should be going forward, create a detailed role description for your next hire, and prep you for the hiring process. I'll give you everything you need to know for the hiring, interview, and onboarding process, and support you as you execute.

Your Team-Growth Power Day includes...

 2-hour 1:1 session

We'll get very specific on what tasks you need to outsource, what that will look like as a role in your team, how to identify the right applicant, and how to choose the best person for your business.

Two Support Calls

I'll be at your side to guide you through the hiring process so you bring on the right person to join your team.

Tailored Resources

At the end of our day together, you'll get your Team Org Chart, the hiring plan and timeline for bringing on your next team member, role descriptions for you and your team member, application and interview questions, an onboarding plan, and other resources so you're ready for each stage of the hiring process.

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Thrivetastic Systems Assessment Power Day

Your "get up and go" got up and went...
Your business has taken over your life...
And you need to find a better way to get things done

The good news is there is a better, easier way to get everything done in your business without overwhelm or burying yourself in your to-do list.

And I can get you there in just one day.

Why are you struggling?

  • Your business is growing quickly, and the way you've always done things just doesn't work any more.
  • Systems and technology aren't your thing.
  • You keep signing up for software platforms that will make all your problems disappear - but they don't.
  • Things are getting crazy and disorganized.
  • You're too busy with work to make everything work together

In this Power Day, we'll tackle your biggest workflow and productivity bottlenecks

in a way that works for your unique personality and work style

3 Solutions to make your life and business easier

Pick what you want to achieve in our time together

Personal Productivity Power-Up

Let me reorganize your digital life. Tame your inbox, your calendar, and your electronic filing system. Set up your task management system. Personal productivity coaching that works for you.

Business Operations Boost

Work smarter so you don't have to work harder. We'll figure out how operations systems can fit into your business strategically: Project Management, Workflows, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), team and client communication, and more!

New Business

Make sure your business gets off to the best start from day one.

We'll set up your Google Workspace account, and key operations and customer management software. You'll also get personal guidance and coaching on how to build your systems strategically.

Your Thrivetastic Systems Power Day includes...

2-hour 1:1 session

We'll get very specific on what your ideal workday looks like and how you like to work. Then blast through the biggest blocks to build the business you always wanted to be running.

Two Support Calls

I'll be at your side to guide you through the implementation process so you never have to wonder "What am I supposed to do next?"

Tailored Resources

At the end of our day together, you'll get a record of all the new systems and accounts you've set up, a Systems Checklist, and a recording of the whole session  so you know how to use everything.

To get started, book a short free Discovery Call so we can discuss the right way ahead for you