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Product Launch Plan

  • Task: To project plan the launch of a new video Bootcamp product through a free lead magnet funnel.
  • Components: Project Proposal, Communication Plan, Project Plan.
  • Tools utilized:  Google Docs, MS Excel, Asana.

Podcast Project Plan

  • Task: To research and plan the launch of a new podcast series.
  • Components: Project Plan.
  • Tools utilized:  Asana.

Live Webinar Funnel Setup

  • Task: To plan the actions and elements required for a live webinar and product upsell - incorporating growing the list, retargeting and stick sequence.
  • Components: Workflow document.
  • Tools utilized:  Google Drawings.

Zapier Automation Setup

  • Zap #1 Task: Book - free plus shipping offer. Create a task in Asana for team member to ship a printed copy of the client’s book to the customer, pulling information from Kartra.
  • Zap #2 Task: New consultation notification to stop missing new enquiries.
  • Tools utilized:  #1 Kartra & Asana; #2 Jotform & Slack.

Database Creation

  • Task: To help an overwhelmed business owner repurpose old content.
  • Components: Data collection form, Content Library database.
  • Tools utilized:  Airtable.

SOP Creation

  • Task: To create a SOP to add a new client onto the billing system.
  • Components: SOP document.
  • Tool utilized:  Google Docs/PDF.

Inbox Zero Demo

  • Task: To help an overwhelmed client take back control of their inbox.
  • Components: Email system.
  • Tool utilized:  Gmail.

Hiring Process: VA

  • Task: Hire a VA for a marketing agency.
  • Components: Project Proposal detailing the Job Brief, Application Form, Process Tracking, Job Description, Interview questions and paid trial tasks.
  • Tools utilized:  MS Word, Airtable.

Team Management: Difficult Conversations

Scenario 1: A team member with personal drama is worried about the impact it will have on the project.

Scenario 2: The team is being disrupted by two members who just don’t get along.

Scenario 3: A team member’s performance has suddenly gone downhill and it’s threatening to affect the client’s social media presence.